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Our Mission is to respectfully confront Members of Congress with caring, rational, research-based reasons to pass, and to forever support, gun safety in America.

Growing up in Charlotte, NC, during the Cold War with Russia, I remember having drills in elementary school in which we were told to get under our desks to practice “taking safety” in case we were bombed. That potential reality was so far out in the universe that I never felt scared or aware of any imminent threat. Today, it is inconceivable to think that our children can learn anything in school when they are acutely aware every day of the anxiety and fear they feel being in a place that no longer feels safe. I do not even want my grandchildren going to school anymore. I do not feel that anywhere in America is safe. Unless we again provide safe public spaces in which our children can learn, play and live without fear, we are failing as parents and grandparents to love, care for and protect our children as they deserve, and which we are responsible to provide for them.
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Growing up in Charlotte, NC, during the Cold War with Russia, I remember drills in elementary school when we were told to “get under your desk.” We were practicing “taking safety” in case we were bombed.
I never felt scared because the threat didn’t seem real. Today, I feel scared…for our children and grandchildren. I do not want them going to school. Sadly, our grandchildren are also very aware of the danger, feeling fear and anxiety. How can our grandchildren pay attention and learn anything when they no longer feel safe in school, or anywhere else?
Unless we again provide safe public spaces where our grandchildren can play, learn and live without fear, we are failing to care for, and protect, all children. It is our responsibility as their parents and grandparents to deliver the safe living environments that are their right!
Hunters can certainly pursue their sport with a gun and hunting license for that purpose only. Our military forces and law enforcement organizations need regulated access to weapons necessary for their job performance.
But, there is no rational reason for almost any American adult to be able to obtain and use a gun with no governing regulations to insure the safety of all Americans, especially our children.
Other countries are protecting their citizens with rational gun regulations…We Can Too!
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About Us

Who We Are

Following the last tragic Uvalde, Texas, shooting and killing of innocent, victimized schoolchildren and teachers on May 24, 2022, we must do all that we can to support gun safety in America. Realizing that parents in America are doing their job of raising their children, who are our grandchildren, we grandparents have more time, and perhaps money, to work for and support gun safety in America.
We are a huge group of concerned Americans who can do three things:

  1. Join with already established gun safety groups to support them personally and financially,
  2. Persistently focus on politicians to simply “do the right thing” by passing laws that actually protect our children, as well as all others in America,
  3. Support already established gun safety groups (See Below)

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